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Bollywood 2012

With a number of releases in 2012,it has been commercially a great year for Bollywood.This is also the first time in Bollywood history that 8 films have crossed the Rs 100cr mark (Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2, Rowdy Rathore, Agneepath, Housefull 2, Barfi!, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Bol Bachchan).But the highlight of this year were not these 100 cr crossing blockbusters,but the number of small budget films that have not only been critically acclaimed and praised,but also managed to become hits and got audience support as well:). Here's bringing to you a list of 2012 Bollywood movies that i enjoyed:).Hope you like them as well:).

One of the best films of 2012, Barfi! is a very charming and touching film:). In this movie,Barfi (who is quite the charmer, especially with the ladies!) is the talk of the town,even though he can neither speak nor listen.His bitter-sweet relationships with two beautiful young ladies, Shruti and Jhilmil set in motion a chain of events that will turn his life upside down.The main specialty of this movie is its simplicity:). It's one of those films in which you will be smiling throughout:). Other plus points of this movie are its music and performances:).Music by pritam is really good and matches the tone of the film:). Almost all songs are really good:). Ranbir Kapoor plays Barfi superbly and brings the character to life:),especially the scenes in which he takes his heart out and gives it to Shruti,or the heartbreaking scene where Barfi  wordlessly displays the big divide between Shruti and himself:).All that considered,Barfi is definitely one of the most charming movies you will ever see:).

Genre:- Comedy,Drama, Romance.
Director:- Anurag Basu.
Stars:- Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Ileana D'Cruz.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Engages you throughout:).
My Rating:-

Kahaani is a very well made delicious and rich mystery thriller:).Here, a pregnant woman's search for her missing husband takes her from London to Kolkata, but everyone she questions denies having ever met her husband.The movie mainly works because of its tight script and superb storytelling:).Director Sujoy Ghosh has directed the movie really well and always keeps you on your toes:).Vidya Balan plays her part superbly and one can't imagine any other actress who could have pulled it off:).Best performance of the year:).Kahaani is one of the few Bollywood movies of this genre and can be easily compared with some of the many good thrillers of Hollywood:).This is a must watch for all:).

Genre:- Mystery, Thriller.
Director:- Sujoy Ghosh.
Stars:- Vidya Balan.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored:).Keeps you on the edge of your seats:).
My Rating:-

English Vinglish
English Vinglish is definitely one of the sweetest movies you will ever see:). Here, a quiet, sweet tempered housewife endures small slights from her well-educated husband and daughter everyday because of her inability to speak and understand English. Its a sweet movie which although may not be unpredictable,but leaves you satisfied at the end:).Another highlight of this film is the return of Sridevi after 15 long years:).And she doesn't disappoint:).She plays her character beautifully and carries the entire movie superbly on her shoulders:).Overall,English Vinglish is a movie everyone can watch with their entire family:).

Genre:- Comedy, Drama, Family.
Director:- Gauri Shinde.
Stars:- Sridevi.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Engages you throughout:).
My Rating:-

Agneepath is very well directed pure mass entertainer:).This is the remake of the 1990 Amitabh starrer Agneepath.Here, a young boy's father is killed before his eyes; fifteen years later he returns home for revenge.There have been a lot of remakes in the past and not all of them have been able to give justice to their original films:).Agneepath manages to reach the expectations mainly because of superb direction by debutant Karan Malhotra:). He gives a lot of energy to this film and also is able to display anger really well,you feel the rage of the characters throughout the film:).Another factor that works for the film is its performances.Sanjay Dutt plays Kancha really well.Rishi Kapoor is just superb as Rauf Lala:).But its Hrithik Roshan that steals the show:).He plays his character superbly and hits all the rights notes:).The music of the film is really good as well:),especially "Deva Shree Ganesha" song:).Overall, Agneepath is a pure mass entertainer from which makers of all the useless Salman and Akshay films can learn a lot:).

Genre:- Action.
Director:- Karan Malhotra.
Stars:- Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra, Rishi Kapoor.
Bore Meter:- No chance of getting bored:). Pure mass movie:).
My Rating:-

Vicky Donor
Vicky Donor is a very charming comedy movie:).Here, a man is brought in by an infertility doctor to supply him with his sperm, where he becomes the biggest sperm donor for his clinic.Vicky Donor is a very well directed film,it takes a very bold subject and treats it in a very sweet and light manner:).Ayushmann Khurrana in his debut role does a very good job and has a very good comic timing.But its Annu Kapoor as Dr. Baldev Chaddha who steals the show with his superb comic timing:).He makes you laugh in every scene he appears:).Of the songs,Pani da Rang is by far the best song and one of the best songs of the year:).Overall, Vicky Donor is a very light and comic film made on a bold subject:). This is a must watch:).

Genre:- Comedy.
Director:- Shoojit Sircar.
Stars:- Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Annu Kapoor.
Bore Meter:- No chance of getting bored:). Keeps you smiling throughout:).
My Rating:-

Gangs of Wasseypur
Gangs of Wasseypur is a very gripping gangster film:).Here, Shahid Khan's vow to get his father's honor back turns him into the most feared man in the Indian town of Wasseypur.This movie is very rawly directed by Anurag Kashyap.It doesn't have the typical Bollywood songs and dance numbers,but concentrates mainly on storytelling:). Also the performances in this movie are really good:),especially by Manoj Bajpai,who just sinks into his character from the first shot:). For its rich storytelling and bringing the gangster genre of Hollywood to India,this is a very good watch if you like gangster films:).

Genre:- Action, Drama.
Director:- Anurag Kashyap.
Stars:- Manoj Bajpai, Tigmanshu Dhulia ,Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored if you like gangster films:).
My Rating:-

Talaash is a well directed sincere thriller:). Here,a cop, investigating the mysterious death of a filmstar, meets a sex-worker, while he faces some personal problems psychologically. The mystery connects these people in a way, that ultimately changes their lives.Talaash mainly works because of its good direction:).Director Reema Kagti directs the movie well and manages to maintain a dark tone throughout the film:).The movie manages to create tension and keeps you involved.Aamir Khan plays Inspector Shekhawat really well and gives a sincere performance.Overall, Talaash is a sincere thriller which keeps you engaged:).

Genre:- Mystery, Thriller.
Director:- Reema Kagti.
Stars:- Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherji.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Keeps you engaged:).
My Rating:-

Gangs of Wasseypur 2
This second part of Gangs of Wasseypur movie is another gripping thriller:).It is the second instalment of the GOW series centred around power struggles, politics and vengeance among three crime families.Gangs of Wasseypur starts off really well in the first half,but slightly loses its way in the second half.Also the second part doesn't have much story to offer when compared with the first part.But the raw direction,unapologetic action scenes and some good performances especially by Nawazuddin Siddiqui make the second part a good watch:).

Genre:- Action, Drama.
Director:- Anurag Kashyap.
Stars:- Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Huma Qureshi.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored if you like gangster films:).
My Rating:-

OMG: Oh My God! 
OMG: Oh My God! is a good fun film:).
Here,a shopkeeper takes God to court when his shop is destroyed by an earthquake.This movie is adapted from a Gujarati play Kanji Viruddh Kanji (itself evidently inspired by the Australian film, The Man Who Sued God). The film is too loud and doesn't have much cinematic effects,and feels like a play:(. But what works for the film is the good performance by the lead actor Paresh Rawal and also the message it has to deliver.Overall, OMG is a good fun film to watch which also manages to provide a good message against blind faith:).

Genre:- Comedy.
Director:- Umesh Shukla.
Stars:- Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Is fun throughout:).
My Rating:-


  1. Finally a Bollywood movies list. How hard was it mate?

    Here's the order of where these movies stand in my list: :P
    1) Barfi
    2) English Vinglish
    3) Kahaani
    4) Vicky Donor
    5) Gangs of Wasseypur
    6) Talaash
    7) OMG
    8) Agneepath
    9) GOW 2 (Haven't seen this one.. planning to as it is in ur list..)

    Nice list bro. It's feels good to know that you aren't ignoring bollywood movies. Keep em coming.


  2. @Ravi:Thanks for your comment:).

  3. OMG was very good. its a must movie.

  4. @Kripa: Yup:). Thanks for your comment:).

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