Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recent releases (5)

This blog post is a continuation of my earlier blog posts.

Hope you have seen all the 20 earlier 2011 movies i suggested:). Here are some more 2011 movies i enjoyed:).

The Adventures of Tintin
If you are looking for a nice fun adventure movie,then The Adventures of Tintin is just what you may like:). Here, daring reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor.This film is adapted from three original stories by Tintin creator Herge.Tintin fans may feel disappointed as a lot of liberties have been taken by the film’s writers in the process of turning three stories into one script.But what the film gets right is bringing Tintin and the other characters of the book to life in a wonderful way.Tintin,Snowy,the 2 detectives Thomson and Thompson and of course the "blistering barnacles" and "thundering typhoons" curser Captain Haddock:D have been superbly potrayed:).Overall its a very well made entertaining adventure movie with superb special effects especially the chase sequence in the desert which is superbly shot:).

Genre:- Animation, Action, Adventure.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Has very good pace:).
My Rating:-

The Hangover Part II
This movie is the sequel to the 2009 released superb comedy movie "The Hangover". Here, two years after the bachelor party in Las Vegas, Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug jet to Thailand for Stu's wedding. Stu's plan for a subdued pre-wedding brunch, however, goes seriously awry.Unfortunately, this movie fails to live up to the standards of the first movie:(. This movie has nothing new to offer and it feels as if you are watching the first movie again,but without the surprises,which were plenty in the first movie.But still if you just want to watch a movie to have a good time,this is definitely a good watch:).

Genre:- Comedy.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Has good pace:).
My Rating:-

Contagion is a well made epidemic thriller.This movie is a thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak.What works for the movie is its realistic approach to story telling:). You are always on the edge of your seat,watching as the virus travels from person to person and city to city.What also works in favour of the movie,is that such a situation can easily happen in the real world as well,and thus it manages to keep you engaged:). Overall, this is a well made and realistically portrayed epidemic thriller that is worth your time:).

Genre:- Drama, Thriller.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Has good pace:).
My Rating:-

Tower Heist
Tower heist is a nice fun comedy heist movie:). Here, when a group of hard working guys find out they've fallen victim to a wealthy business man's fraudulent investment operation, they conspire to rob his high-rise residence. Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy provide decent laughs:). Overall, this is just a nice fun movie to watch when you are getting bored:). Keep your minds at home and you will enjoy this movie:).

Genre:- Comedy.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Has good pace:).
My Rating:-

The Debt
The Debt is a well made espionage thriller:). This movie is about three Mossad agents sent to East Berlin to kidnap a Nazi war criminal.This movie may have a slow pace but it definitely satisfies you with its storytelling and script:). Another reason why this movie works is because of good performances by the entire cast:). Overall, this is a well made war-crimes thriller that is definitely a good watch:).

Genre:- Drama, Thriller.
Bore Meter:- Has a slow pace,but definitely keeps you engaged:).
My Rating:- 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bollywood 2011

With 107 releases in 2011,it has been commercially a good year for Bollywood.4 movies this year managed to cross the Rs 100 cr mark (Bodyguard,Ready,Ra.One and Don 2).Unfortunately 3 of these 4 movies were disappointing.Ra.One had all the budget in the world,had great special effects,but unfortunately lacked a good script and was poorly directed.Ready and Bodyguard were both worthless movies,but still ended up becoming blockbusters thanks to Salman Khan.But it wasn't such a poor year for Bollywood:).Though there were no extraordinary movies to watch in 2011,but there were still some good movies which were worth your time.Here's bringing to you a list of 2011 Bollywood movies that i enjoyed:).Hope you like them as well:).


Stanley Ka Dabba 
Best hindi movie of 2011,according to me,Stanley Ka Dabba is a wonderful movie that takes you back to your school years:).Here, a school-teacher, who forces children to share their food with him, forbids one from entering the school until he brings his own Tiffin/Lunch-box.Stanley ka Dabba works mainly because of its excellent way of story telling:).Its a simple story told in a magnificent way.Also what works for this movie is its wonderful cast.Almost all the teachers and the students are convincing in their roles.Partho Gupte as Stanley is really wonderful and so is Amole Gupte.This movie overall is a really good movie with a really touching ending:).

Genre:- Drama,Family.
Bore Meter:- You won't get bored if you like the plot:).
My Rating:-

I Am Kalam  
Another brilliant movie of 2011 is I Am Kalam:).Here,an impoverished boy forms an unlikely and unstable friendship with the lonely son of a nobleman.This movie again works because of its charming story telling:).Although it gives important messages about education and friendship,it makes sure it never lectures or bores you.It tells its story in a nice humorous way,which keeps you smiling throughout the movie:).Almost all the cast has done a great job.Harsh Mayar as Chhotu/Kalam totally steals the show:):):).His smile itself is enough to melt your hearts:).For its lovely storytelling,great script and direction,this is a must watch:).

Genre:- Comedy, Drama, Family.
Bore Meter:- Really enjoyable movie:).Won't get bored:).
My Rating:-

Delhi Belly
Delhi Belly is a very well made comic thriller.This is is no way a contemporary Bollywood movie,with 3hrs length or 4-5 songs shot in foreign locations in between to stop the flow of the movie.This is new age Bollywood:),with a fast pace,short length and songs coming only in the form of bgms.Here,three struggling room-mates unknowingly become potential prey of a ruthless gangster.What works for the movie is its excellent pace.Also worth mentioning is Abhinay Deo's stylish direction:).Cinematography is really good as well,with great songs like "Dk Bose" adding a wonderful flavour to the movie:).Imran Khan has done a good job in the film,along with Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor.Overall this is a really good roller coaster ride which is meant to shock you:).

Genre:- Comedy,Thriller.
Bore Meter:- Has wonderful pace.No chance of getting bored:).
My Rating:-

Dhobi Ghat                                                                     
Wonderfully directed by Kiran Rao,Dhobi Ghat is a movie which has a nice poetic feel to it:).This is the story of the lives of four people who intersect in Mumbai: a washer-man who wants to become an actor, a banker-turned-photographer, a painter looking for inspiration, and a newly-married immigrant who journals her experiences on home video.It has a nice way of storytelling,where you feel as if you are just watching these people in real life,as they keep on running into each other.The cinematography is great,Mumbai is shown beautifully.The actors have done a good job as well,especially Prateik Babbar as Munna,who lights up every scene he is in.Aamir Khan,though not one of his better performances,manages to play his character fairly well.If you are interested in a nice non-commercial movie,Dhobi ghat is definitely a good watch:).

Genre:- Drama.
Bore Meter:- The movie does have a slow pace,but you won't feel bored if u like watching something different for a change:).
My Rating:- 

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a nice light hearted fun road trip movie:). Here, three friends decide to turn their fantasy vacation into reality after one of their number becomes engaged.What works for the movie is its direction.Zoya Akthar seems to know what she wants to show to the audience.The actors have done a good job as well:).Hrithik is good,but its Farhan Akthar who steals the show with his comic timing:). This is nicely shot movie,each adventure sport scene has been nicely shown,which makes you want you to start packing your bags as well:).What makes this journey more enjoyable:),is the way that the director has shown each characters inward journey as well,as each of them face their fears.But unfortunately,the movie takes a little too much time to reach its predictable end.But overall ZNMD is nice fun movie you don't want to miss:).

Genre:- Adventure, Drama.
Bore Meter:- Does lag a little bit in the end,but overall its a nicely paced fun movie:).
My Rating:-

Shor in the City
Shor in the city is a nicely made comic thriller:). Here, various residents and career-criminals face challenges in crime-laden Mumbai.A smart script,good cinematography and good direction make it worth your time.Also worth mentioning is its background score,with songs like "Karma is a bitch",which really add a wonderful flavor to the movie:). The only disappointing aspect of the movie is its slightly inappropriate ending.Overall,its a nice fun roller coaster ride:).

Genre:- Comedy,Thriller.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Has good pace:).
My Rating:-

The Dirty Picture
The Dirty Picture is a love story between an actress and a director. It is inspired by the life of the late south Indian actress Silk Smitha.To be really honest,i was really shocked that this movie ended up winning many Best Picture awards.Its actually an ok movie,with a mediocre script.The only reason this is watchable is because of Vidya Balan.Vidya Balan may not be the most attractive actress,but undoubtedly is currently the best actress in our industry:). She gives a superb performance as Silk,which makes this movie watchable.Watch this one only for Vidya Balan and of course the chartbuster "ooh la la" song :).

Genre:-  Comedy, Drama.
Bore Meter:- Has decent pace.Won't get bored:).
My Rating:-

After Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal,Imitiaz Ali gives a hat-trick of  good romantic movies with Rockstar:).Here,an open and restrained youth woos the hottest about-to-be-married college girl. He rises to become a rock-star - then self-destructs.What starts as a journey of a rockstar ends up becoming a love story.The movie's main strength is its music.A.R. Rehman gives yet another chartbuster album.Every song in this movie is brilliant.This is one of the few movies,in which i was actually waiting for the next song to come:).Also worth mentioning is Ranbir Kapoor's solid performance as Janardan Jakhar / Jordan.The movie's first half has good pace,and moves through smoothly.But its the middle portion of the second half that it starts lagging a bit.But,overall,its a well made romantic musical:).

Genre:- Music, Romance.
Bore Meter:- Lags a little bit in the second half,but overall has good pace:).
My Rating:-

Don 2
Don 2,probably had one of the best indian movie trailers that i had ever seen.Wish i could say the same about the movie.The sequel to Don (2006),this is a very stylishly made movie:). Here,having conquered the Asian underworld, Don (Shah Rukh Khan) now has his sights set on European domination. In his way are the bosses of the existing European underworld and all law enforcement agencies. The action shifts from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin as Don must avoid assassination or arrest, whichever comes first, in order for his plan to succeed.The movie starts off brilliantly with prison break scenes and what not.But it ends up being a poorly scripted bgrade version of  "Oceans 11" type heist movies.What works for the movie,though, is the stylish direction by Farhan Akthar,all the action sequences are brilliantly shown and of course King Khan:). His screen presence is alone enough to keep you entertained:).His potrayal of the smart,mischievous and overconfident Don is really good and is the driving force of the film:). Watch this one for its stylish direction and the leaner and meaner SRK as Don:).

Genre:- Action, Thriller.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Has decent pace:).
My Rating:-

Singham,a south indian movie remake is a good entertainer:). Here, a humiliated gangster uses his influence and goon power to terrorize a newly transferred police officer.This movie has nothing to offer but entertainment:). What works for this movie is its over the top fight scenes,and some really entertaining marathi dialogues like "Majhi satakli re" ,"Jisme hain dum,wo fakt Bajirao Singham":D:D etc.Also worth mentioning is Prakash Raj's entertaining performance as Jaykant Shikre:).This is one hell of an entertainer with some awesome marathi dialogues.Don't miss this one:).

Genre:- Action, Masala.
Bore Meter:- Won't get bored.Its a really good entertainer:).
My Rating:- 

Yamla Pagla Deewana
Yamla Pagla Deewana was the first Hit Bollywood movie of 2011.Here, a married Canadian travels to India to re-unite with his estranged father and brother but faces obstacles and challenges.This movie mainly works because of the Deols magic.Sunny Deol is really funny as always,but this time he is intentionally making fun of himself:).Overall,its a typical Bollywood enjoyable masala movie which is definitely worth your time:).

Genre:- Comedy, Masala.
Bore Meter:-  Won't get bored.Nice masala entertainer:).
My Rating:-